LogWatch Change Log 4.2
Posted by Donald Wickham on 23 April 2019 12:34 PM

2019-04-22 4.2.9

  • Fixed abend when DEBUGFLAG TRUE and a % in the log record data.

2017-04-11 4.2.3

  • Fix for OSS rolling file to not delete Restart record incorrectly
  • DataFile KeepOldRestartDays defaults to -1, keep forever
  • Cleanup of old RESTART records removed due to problem with rolling files
  • ActionEmail corrected for MaxEmailsPerHour so it doesn't send 1 extra
  • Corrected version information

2015-05-26 4.2

  • Added Action SNMP
  • Fixed Format String %Dx% and %Tx%.
  • Fixed day-one problem of an orphaned socket for every email sent.
  • Fixed problem where Action Email stops sending emails if no new records when timer pops. Emails were only sent if RecordsPerMsg hit.
  • Added SSL option to all Email
  • Fixed Format String %N to show correct filename for rolling files.
  • Fixed trap if email server returns socket error

2014-07-28 4.1

  • Fixed Action Email WaitForMore. It was resetting and sending email per record
  • Added OSSLatestOnly option to Watch
  • Fixed "Unknown signal" messages.
  • Handle renaming of files between ListFils calls. No longer gets error 10 on restart
  • file due to oss name change
  • New files found for rolling set will have all their records processed. A restart record is added for the "parent" watchid.
  • Logwatch will stop if ListFiles doesn't return a data file.
  • Added Watch CheckRenamed.
  • A request from LWStatus will no longer turn on debug.
  • Added Log KeepDays and MaxJobLines.
  • Fixed loss of ListFils output and stopping getting OSS file list.
  • Removed OssWorkFilePrefix. LogWatch will use its process name to create a unique filename for ListFils data filename.


2014-03-17 4.0

  • Fixed Format String trap for event with fewer lines than %Ln% would access
  • Added Match Summary
  • Guardian rolling keeping C file open first time it is seen will now close the file.
  • Fixed NoActivity not firing if record for file in Restart
  • Changed Configurator to have a "Configure EMS_Info" checkbox to include
  • Collector when Watch_Type != EMS
  • Corrected ErrorHandling with MonitorTime windows
  • Added MonitorTimes to Match
  • Added HealthCheck
  • Added Watch RecsBreakBusy
  • Added IncludeEmphasis, IncludeSubSysId, IncludeSubject, IncludeSenderInfo and IncludeActionNeeded to Watch EMS EMS_Info
  • Corrected default value for RollFilePrefix to ""
  • Added LWDebug to toggle LogWatch debugging
  • Added Syslog format to Action TCPIP.
  • Fixed Match Ignore for events
  • Added LogWatch Limited license
  • Corrected "error column" number in Format String log entry
  • Fixed log entry from restart cleanup if last update timestamp is zero
  • Configuration files can have nested #include files.
  • Stop if unknown signal encountered
  • Fixed Rolling file if no files found no more checks are done
  • Changed Match Ignore to do the actions for that Match.
  • Added UseGenTime, UseNameValue and IncludeLogTime to Watch EMS
  • Fixed match occurring on blank line. Blank lines are now skipped.
  • Added Action Email flood control. Maximum of 10 messages per minute. Changed MaxEmailsPerHour default to 10.


2013-04-29 3.2

  • Added error handlers for Low activity, High Activity and Outpacing
  • Fixed ActionIPM to close the process even if error or null reply.
  • Improved handling of LogWatch watched oss file that is reset, emptied.
  • Fixed failure to send oss_polling_time signal for new file.
  • Added %Ew% to Format String - Unique event number. Added "%L'xx'% to Format String - Search from current event input line forward to find 'xx' in a line and use that line as input line. Added %L+n%, %L-n% and %X% to Format String. Fixed debug output of Format String and corrected some errors. Added %Cn.'xxx'.'x'% and %An.'xxx'.'x'%. New time format, U, posix time.
  • Action Start now has Assign for the datafile to be passed to started program.
  • Fixed Action TCPIP so it doesn't drop a record on a reconnect.
  • Fixed Action EMS to write up to 2048 bytes.
  • Fixed day-one-bug with XML attribute of " ".
  • Allow rolling file pattern to be a specific file instead of a pattern.
  • Fixed Action Start without a Format String to write data to DataFile.
  • Fixed MaxEmailsPerHour for Action Email when WaitForMore is included.
  • Fixed Format String Binary flag handling where LogWatch abended with no error message
  • Fixed Watch EMS to stop if it encounters an error.
  • Added MaxLinesPerEmail to EmailServerInfo. Prevents large emails that can blow stack.
  • Fixed day-one-problem sending large emails where lines start with dot or unprintable character.


2013-01-02 3.1

  • Fixed OSSFile scan mode

2012-12-06 3.0

  • Fixed numerous problems with Watch OSS and Guardian Rolling
  • Added LWStatus to query LogWatch running status.
  • Fixed trap when Echoconfig=True and configuring error handler monitor times.
  • Added “clip” of records written to structured files if record > file’s rec len.


  • Fixed Watch OSS (and Watch OSSRolling) to process records when not in scan mode.


  • Fixed buffer overrun, causing trap, in ProcessEventRecord.


  • Added IncludeSenderId to Watch EMSInfo.


  • Allow Watch_Type EMS to have Match IsEvent=”Yes”.


  • Fixed GuardianRolling to get correct RecLen for each file it opens.


  • Fixed EventsPerMsg in Action Email to write more than just the last event.


  • Changed Action Email Recip to allow multiple recipients.
  • Fixed several problems with LogWatchConfigurator.


  • Added Q and R input dates for FormatString.
  • Fixed multiple Action Writes using same ReportFile that rolls.



  • Corrected TicFTP saving license key on 1st



  • Corrected detection of LISTFILS successful completion.



  • Corrected scan mode not sending waiting email.



  • Fixed a memory leak affecting all Watch types.



  • Added DataFile to Action Start to allow TACL macros access to the record/event.
  • Fixed Action Start CmdLIne to be up to 255 bytes.



  • Added MaxEmailsPerHour to Action Email to reduce email flooding



  • Moved EventInfo and IsEvent, from Watches to Matches. Note that existing configuration files with either of these will need to be updated.



  • Added Match PatternFile, Match ProcessMatches, Action FormatUserExit, Action Start



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