2019-04-22 4.2.9 * Fixed abend when DEBUGFLAG TRUE and a % in the log record data. 2017-04-11 4.2.3 * Fix for OSS rolling file to not delete Restart record incorrectly * DataFile KeepOldRestartDays defaults to -1, keep forever * Cleanup of old...
NonStop Logwatch Version 4.2
Code 500 files for LogWatch 4.2
Please review Sog Installation Guide.pdf for instructions on installing on Windows and/or on NonStop. NonStop programs for both NonStopX (code 500) and Itanium/Blade (code 800) are provided. An installer for both design and run-time are provided for Win...
NonStop X Programs
TELEMAIL CHANGE LOG 2019   Version 7.7 2019-03 Bug fixed: TmRtrvr Version 606E Before: "Old key" was reported even though the key was valid. This version 606E has the fix. TeleMail TmRtrvr validates the key correctly. Version 7.6 2018-07 Added SOCK...
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